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Met this groom before their wedding, making arrangements for his niece’s wedding session. He’s a character for sure. Laid back, joking…just a great guy! I got lots of laughs at this wedding and loved the idea of “selfie” as the gorgeous bride walked to her groom on the beach. Congrats y’all, wish you many years of happiness!!


This lil girl has a huge place in my heart, just as her mother does. I have had the honor of knowing her since she was 2…now she is 5 in and going to graduate kindergarten soon. I have watched her blossom to to be a lil lady. She loves horses, using her imagination and smartest lil 5 yr old I know. Stating all her bones, colors (spanish and english), learning her presidents, writing and reading…this lil girl will go far past what her dreams will allow.  I post ALL the letters I get on my fridge, so I can see them each time I pass by._DSC1098withlogo_DSC1078withlogo_DSC0452_DSC0022withlogo_DSC0092_DSC9647 copy_DSC9653_71ppi_DSC9685_71ppi_DSC9699_72ppi_DSC9721_72ppi_DSC9734_72ppi_DSC9757_72ppi_DSC9802_DSC0451_DSC0449_DSC0439_DSC0437_DSC0435_DSC0428

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Every session I have photographed has been different. With that being said, of course, you need laughs. Why not, right? Whether it be to help others relax during the session or just to have a little fun. I’m all about having fun, that’s for sure. Here’s some outtakes from a few of them. Hope you enjoy seeing them just as much as I enjoyed taking them. Thank you to each of my clients for giving me the opportunity to capture your memories….and laughs!!

DSC_7771DSC_0658DSC_4944DSC_4949194658CheyenneJumpingDSC_6505TaylorJumpingDSC_8512_DSC4459_DSC4487_DSC4472_DSC4496_DSC4521_DSC4767DSC_4176DSC_6622_DSC5950_DSC5952_DSC0293_DSC5716_DSC2323_DSC2327_DSC2256DSC_5930_DSC0077-29_DSC0092_edited-1DSC_5586DSC_5806_DSC3280_DSC3482_DSC4034_DSC4035_DSC4027_DSC4072_DSC0153_DSC0158_DSC0167_DSC0168_DSC1564_DSC0040_DSC2547DSC_2635DSC_2499_DSC2619_edited-1_DSC0425_DSC0253_DSC0830DSC_1155 with rainbow_DSC9480_DSC9581DSC_041956DSC_1855DSC_1861DSC_1864DSC_1885DSC_4080DSC_4290DSC_8367DSC_8806_DSC6607DSC_1935DSC_5532DSC_3420DSC_3429_DSC0262-2JR PW Newport SillyDSC_04594_DSC0025 (2)DSC_00853