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Hi Everyone!!

I will be at Flanner’s Beach on May 21st. I have a limited amount of spots for sessions.

I am offering Minis for $50. You will receive 20+ edited images placed on a high resolution CD. Print release will be given.

A $25 non refundable deposit will be required.

I will be bring my tent and vintage props for the kiddos. So you can either book a family, kiddos shoot or couples.

Here’s some examples of my work that will be done. Thanks for looking and I look forward to seeing you at your shoot.

(for more examples….look at the galleries)



940A0063 copyDSC_5445DSC_5415DSC_6271DSC_6238DSC_4096DSC_4219DSC_3357DSC_3671DSC_2942DSC_3184DSC_2859DSC_2147DSC_1614DSC_0419withflagDSC_3297DSC_8352DSC_8334DSC_3835DSC_6751_DSC2617_edited-1DSC_8188DSC_0923DSC_8853375sunset_DSC9699_72ppi3736322217109DSC_4807_DSC0596a_edited-121DSC_5686_DSC1098withlogoDSC_1674DSC_5953generationDSC_6019

Every session I have photographed has been different. With that being said, of course, you need laughs. Why not, right? Whether it be to help others relax during the session or just to have a little fun. I’m all about having fun, that’s for sure. Here’s some outtakes from a few of them. Hope you enjoy seeing them just as much as I enjoyed taking them. Thank you to each of my clients for giving me the opportunity to capture your memories….and laughs!!

DSC_7771DSC_0658DSC_4944DSC_4949194658CheyenneJumpingDSC_6505TaylorJumpingDSC_8512_DSC4459_DSC4487_DSC4472_DSC4496_DSC4521_DSC4767DSC_4176DSC_6622_DSC5950_DSC5952_DSC0293_DSC5716_DSC2323_DSC2327_DSC2256DSC_5930_DSC0077-29_DSC0092_edited-1DSC_5586DSC_5806_DSC3280_DSC3482_DSC4034_DSC4035_DSC4027_DSC4072_DSC0153_DSC0158_DSC0167_DSC0168_DSC1564_DSC0040_DSC2547DSC_2635DSC_2499_DSC2619_edited-1_DSC0425_DSC0253_DSC0830DSC_1155 with rainbow_DSC9480_DSC9581DSC_041956DSC_1855DSC_1861DSC_1864DSC_1885DSC_4080DSC_4290DSC_8367DSC_8806_DSC6607DSC_1935DSC_5532DSC_3420DSC_3429_DSC0262-2JR PW Newport SillyDSC_04594_DSC0025 (2)DSC_00853