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Hi Everyone!!

I will be at Flanner’s Beach on May 21st. I have a limited amount of spots for sessions.

I am offering Minis for $50. You will receive 20+ edited images placed on a high resolution CD. Print release will be given.

A $25 non refundable deposit will be required.

I will be bring my tent and vintage props for the kiddos. So you can either book a family, kiddos shoot or couples.

Here’s some examples of my work that will be done. Thanks for looking and I look forward to seeing you at your shoot.

(for more examples….look at the galleries)



940A0063 copyDSC_5445DSC_5415DSC_6271DSC_6238DSC_4096DSC_4219DSC_3357DSC_3671DSC_2942DSC_3184DSC_2859DSC_2147DSC_1614DSC_0419withflagDSC_3297DSC_8352DSC_8334DSC_3835DSC_6751_DSC2617_edited-1DSC_8188DSC_0923DSC_8853375sunset_DSC9699_72ppi3736322217109DSC_4807_DSC0596a_edited-121DSC_5686_DSC1098withlogoDSC_1674DSC_5953generationDSC_6019

This lil princess is now two. I did her first photo session when she was turning 6 months. She rocks her pageants, tiara’s and knows just how to melt hearts throughout her day. I am so honored that her family traveled up from NC so that her mom and I could work side by side taking her photos. Her mom is a photographer too! Check out her page when you get the chance.

940A0063 copyDSC_5188DSC_5190DSC_5192DSC_5203DSC_5213DSC_5214DSC_5221DSC_5244DSC_5290DSC_5297DSC_5315DSC_5316DSC_5321DSC_5324DSC_5328DSC_5329DSC_5332DSC_5350DSC_5352DSC_5355DSC_5356DSC_5415DSC_5416DSC_5433DSC_5436DSC_5437DSC_5438DSC_5443DSC_5445DSC_5459DSC_5475DSC_5483DSC_5496DSC_5524DSC_5560DSC_5572DSC_5573DSC_5577DSC_5579DSC_5593DSC_5597DSC_5671DSC_5676DSC_5680DSC_5681DSC_5708DSC_5733DSC_5752DSC_5804DSC_5822DSC_5848DSC_5859

This is my second Mommy and Me session with these beautiful ladies. This time we had a few more beautiful ladies join. What a loving family!! Braya has grown so much since last years session, and I’m honored enough to continue to photograph her through the seasons of the year.

2015-2016DSC_5953-2DSC_5953DSC_5985DSC_5986DSC_6019DSC_6089DSC_6123DSC_6136DSC_6145DSC_6155DSC_6173DSC_6215DSC_6238DSC_6271DSC_6298DSC_6313generationmom and me

Lexi is almost my height now, shes grown so much since I last saw her. Daddy better have a shot gun ready…he’s gonna need it! We did baseball photos as part as her family’s photo session. She ROCKED them!!


So this lil princess gave me more smiles that she has ever before!! Ok, maybe …. just maybe … a candy bracelet helped. For every good smile she got a bite. For every kiss she gave, she got another bite. Her mom got lots of kisses. Its so fun to see this lil one grow as I take her photos.



This shy one played out a vintage theme with this cute bow tie, suspenders and his half smile. Toes in the sand brought out a ton of smiles and a soggy diaper. He ran here, he ran there….he ran everywhere.


This lil sweetie was one of the ones that got a candy bracelet. For every good smile I got from her, she would get the chance to bite off one of the candies. From that moment on….it was smiles and laughs. It was such a fun session, especially watching her play away at the beach!!


So this lil cutie has been in her fair share of pageants and magazines. She’s full of smiles and it is always such fun editing her photos!




Oh Goodness!! This lil princess turned 2. She rode a carousel, fed fish and ducks, rocked some diva poses, danced, saw helicopters, and patiently waited to have her photos taken. And guess what?! Her vocabulary has increased even more! Oh and not to mention when a lovely couple watching this diva have her pictures taken stated “you are a beautiful girl” & Braya’s response “yes!” Everyone Broadway at the beach kept making comments about this cutie and how adorable she was.


This lil girl has a huge place in my heart, just as her mother does. I have had the honor of knowing her since she was 2…now she is 5 in and going to graduate kindergarten soon. I have watched her blossom to to be a lil lady. She loves horses, using her imagination and smartest lil 5 yr old I know. Stating all her bones, colors (spanish and english), learning her presidents, writing and reading…this lil girl will go far past what her dreams will allow.  I post ALL the letters I get on my fridge, so I can see them each time I pass by._DSC1098withlogo_DSC1078withlogo_DSC0452_DSC0022withlogo_DSC0092_DSC9647 copy_DSC9653_71ppi_DSC9685_71ppi_DSC9699_72ppi_DSC9721_72ppi_DSC9734_72ppi_DSC9757_72ppi_DSC9802_DSC0451_DSC0449_DSC0439_DSC0437_DSC0435_DSC0428

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