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These two had me literally laughing hysterically the whole session. Hope you enjoy these outtakes just as much as I did taking them.

We made funny faces…

Matty worked his muscle show!

Check that out!!!

And of course, we have to show off our teeth, while giggling so hard! I actually got limp noodle legs because I could barely stand from laughing so hard.

Be jealous….not everyone looks this GREAT while having these fabulous teeth!!

He brought his A game with that gun show!!

Those laughs that you get that’s from the depths of your belly, uncontrollably…

We even worked a unibrow…

Striking a vogue pose…

“Get off my lawn” pose…

All the while knowing he’s cool with his character choices!

Showing love to his mom <3

Haha, his old man…YUP, “grunt, grunt, plop plop, fizz fizz”

And it wouldn’t be a session without a photobomb.

Even Mom got kisses <3

Watch out world….these two are coming your way with epic characters, laughs and fun times!





I probably could of blogged this entire session, I loved it so much! What a wonderful day I had with this stunning family. Three generations all in one session. Oh the love to be had that they share with each other.



This is sweet Lillee. she was so good for me and slept pretty much the entire time! She had perfect skin for a newborn, beautiful! Here are a few of my favs!

DSC_0068a copy940A0063 copy940A0063c940A0063b940A0063 copy copy940A0063h940A0063d940A0063e940A0063f940A0063g940A0063o940A0063p

This family has the best style and have such a beautiful connection with their children! Their children and grandchildren are a mirrored image of them. All coordinated in their fashion on this sunny day.DSC_6311DSC_6314DSC_6486DSC_6492DSC_6493DSC_6501DSC_6504DSC_6816DSC_6306DSC_6309DSC_6315DSC_6497DSC_6809

Every session I have photographed has been different. With that being said, of course, you need laughs. Why not, right? Whether it be to help others relax during the session or just to have a little fun. I’m all about having fun, that’s for sure. Here’s some outtakes from a few of them. Hope you enjoy seeing them just as much as I enjoyed taking them. Thank you to each of my clients for giving me the opportunity to capture your memories….and laughs!!

DSC_7771DSC_0658DSC_4944DSC_4949194658CheyenneJumpingDSC_6505TaylorJumpingDSC_8512_DSC4459_DSC4487_DSC4472_DSC4496_DSC4521_DSC4767DSC_4176DSC_6622_DSC5950_DSC5952_DSC0293_DSC5716_DSC2323_DSC2327_DSC2256DSC_5930_DSC0077-29_DSC0092_edited-1DSC_5586DSC_5806_DSC3280_DSC3482_DSC4034_DSC4035_DSC4027_DSC4072_DSC0153_DSC0158_DSC0167_DSC0168_DSC1564_DSC0040_DSC2547DSC_2635DSC_2499_DSC2619_edited-1_DSC0425_DSC0253_DSC0830DSC_1155 with rainbow_DSC9480_DSC9581DSC_041956DSC_1855DSC_1861DSC_1864DSC_1885DSC_4080DSC_4290DSC_8367DSC_8806_DSC6607DSC_1935DSC_5532DSC_3420DSC_3429_DSC0262-2JR PW Newport SillyDSC_04594_DSC0025 (2)DSC_00853