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Matty and GiGi Rocking their session like a boss!!!!

These two had me literally laughing hysterically the whole session. Hope you enjoy these outtakes just as much as I did taking them.

We made funny faces…

Matty worked his muscle show!

Check that out!!!

And of course, we have to show off our teeth, while giggling so hard! I actually got limp noodle legs because I could barely stand from laughing so hard.

Be jealous….not everyone looks this GREAT while having these fabulous teeth!!

He brought his A game with that gun show!!

Those laughs that you get that’s from the depths of your belly, uncontrollably…

We even worked a unibrow…

Striking a vogue pose…

“Get off my lawn” pose…

All the while knowing he’s cool with his character choices!

Showing love to his mom <3

Haha, his old man…YUP, “grunt, grunt, plop plop, fizz fizz”

And it wouldn’t be a session without a photobomb.

Even Mom got kisses <3

Watch out world….these two are coming your way with epic characters, laughs and fun times!